R.I.P. Col. Robert Neil Morris
(December 12, 1954 – October 21, 2013)

The legend left this earth towards the skies. But his spirit and legacy stay among us. Mid South Music Records takes care of the Colonel's legacy and songs. Silver Dollar Music will remain as a sublabel of Mid South Music Records. His songs are still free for recording and in the Mid South Music Song Catalogue.

A DVD of the Trucker's Last Ride (inlcuding a making of, and private scenes and interviews) is in the works - the OFFICIAL music Video can be watched here on YouTube, The DVD can be pre.ordered at www.truckerslastride.com.

The hit song itself has been re-released digital by Mid South Music Records and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox Music, Rhapsody, eMusic, simfy, Muve Music, MySpace Music, iHeartRadio, Nokia, MediaNet, VerveLife, Wimp, Sony Music Unlimited, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, JB Hi-Fi and Slacker.


God Please Bring Him Home (written by Robert Morris)

Colonel Morris, You've written a great touching song that tells a sad story that is happening much too often to our troops. Not only is it a great song, but the singer does a great job delivering the message with feeling and conviction.

Good luck on getting this to a good artist that is already on the national music charts. - Little David Wilkins, "Butter Beans"

Robert Morris has a style that was born in the heyday of Country and Rockabilly, but evolved to today's modern rhythms without losing the essence of yesteryear. - Steve Tidbury, Reading, England

Robert Morris is a true gift to the Music Universe. His stellar lyrics, and powerful music echo the brilliance of legends past. - Cheyrl Nye, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist

Robert Morris is a wonderfully gifted musician and songwriter, and more importantly, a genuine human being. I am proud to call him a friend. His knowledge of music and of the music business is extensive. He has been a mentor to me and has given me valuable counsel and advice regarding my musical career, and I have been in the business myself for nearly two decades.

His program is a wonderful opportunity and a great resource for ANY aspiring musician/songwriter. With over 40 years of professional experience, and a storied career to boot, Robert can help you to achieve your dreams. - Jim Frazzitta, President/Molecule Music Recording Artist

It would take me a week to do this justice but when it comes to your music career, you need the best behind you, especially when the artist is new on the scene. A country music artist today is in an uphill battle to begin with so you need some influential friends with knowledge of how to build your career and for me that person is none other than Robert Morris. Mr. Morris gave me a promotional advantage for my career that helped me play in the bigger venues. - Joe Berry

When my father died in a truck accident in 2011, I came across an amazing song called Trucker's Last Ride. This encouraged me to take my dad's coffin on the back of a flat bed.

I contacted Robert Morris about using his song at my dad's funeral and he sent it across. After we layed him to rest Mr. Morris was in touch with myself and my brother throughout this hard time. He then did the most amazing thing and began to write a song for my dad called "Hammer Down." This amazing man helped to heal my heart with his music and the song he wrote along with "Truckers last Ride" still play a big part in my life. Robert Morris and his music got me through and kept me smiling. He will always be in my heart as well his music! I thank this amazing man everyday of my life. - Kelly Morrison Queens Ferry, United Kingdom

Robert is one of the last Outlaws in Country Music and a living Rockabilly legend. Known as a drummer to the stars, he has played on many recordings such as the Charlie Feather's songs on the Kill Bill sound tracks. He played for so many big names and wrote so many wonderful songs, including the legendary "Trucker's Last Ride" that went gold and "God Please Bring Him Home" During our years of friendship and cooperation in the music business I learned how the game is played - I had the best teacher you could find. Thank you! - Achim Schmid formerly known as 'The Mississippian'

Robert Morris, 1. Awesome Song Writer. 2. Great Musician. 3. Loving Family Man. 4. A Friend Who Found Me Again!!!! - Eva Hensley

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